by Brian Lilley

July 14, 2017

One thing you won’t get from Justin Trudeau on the Omar Khadr file is the truth.

Trudeau was spinning again this week with more flights of fancy – he actually claimed it could cost us $40 million to fight Khadr in court.

Watch as I break down the spin.




  1. Gawd, J.T. pisses me off, most Commies are pathological liars. Their ideology is not set in a foundation of truth and values. They lie as their ideology reigns supreme, just like the ideology of the Skittles culture common in the M.E.

    These two ideals are current allies as the both hate the west, but if either were to reign supreme, they each would kill off the other as they are ultimately toxic towards each other. They both equal misery and totalitarianism. The Western World built on a foundation of real values, a framework of justice, general democratic principles, free enterprise, capitalism, even Christian faith as a guide marker, as flawed as the west is, it is still “THE WEST IS THE BEST!” and must prevail or humanity may endure decades of upcoming misery.