Brian Lilley of TheRebel.Media analysis the recent NDP Leadership campaign.

Did you hear about the four Canadians that want to become PM and also want to scrap capitalism?

The NDP are very upfront about their radical plans for Canada, but unlike Conservatives, they get a pass.

Watch me detail what they truly believe, based on their comments during the NDP leadership debate.






  1. The federal NDP want to go to almost non-party status. These remaining candidates bat shit crazy. Complete political virtue signalers and essentially communists. Ed Broadbent a socialist but more a champion of labour spins in his grave. There is no way these four nutters will improve the NDP’s fortunes. I bet they will be lucky to get 10-11-12 seats in 2019. But look at pinko, virtue signaller, Trudeau and his skittles mafia. He’s a leftist cuck too hell bent on destroying Canada as similar are doing in much of Europe.

    My advice to the Tories, DON’T GO TO THE LEFT! You will win with a populist, centre-right agenda of justice, pro Canadian, values, measured immigration and no blank slate refugee nonsense from the skittles world. Canucks are tired of having our values pissed on by the Liberals and NDP.

    National values, non-activist government, good relations with a Trump White House, with having sound economic principles and with a return to social sanity from all this 3rd wave feminist, pinko, sjw, bullshit.