by Spencer Fernando

July 12, 2017

So much for making things right.

Omar Khadr has said he “wishes there was a way to make things right,” with Tabitha Speer.

While nothing he can do could bring back Christopher Speer, many have pointed out that he could easily give Tabitha Speer all – or even some – of the money he was disgracefully given by the terrible Trudeau government.

Yet, instead of doing so, Khadr’s lawyers are now in court fighting to block an injunction by Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris to stop the payment.

While the payment is already likely unstoppable – because of how the Trudeau government gave the money in the most helpful (to Khadr) way possible – the fact that Khadr is fighting to keep all of his ill-gotten loot shows his talk of “making things right,” is just that: Empty words.

Additionally, Khadr is fighting an effort by Speer and Morris to account for his assets.

Legal fight shows how horrible a decision was made by the Trudeau government

It would have been so easy for the Trudeau government to simply keep fighting in court against apologizing and against giving money to Khadr. That would have given Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris every opportunity to fight in court. Instead, Trudeau gave Khadr the money behind the scenes – and even tried keeping it a secret from the Canadian people until it leaked out.

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  1. my sympathyse mrs speer must be hard to loose someone you luv . he was a brave man . mr kadr was 15 at the time and came from a whole set of different “normals” in life.he was born in canada and direction e had is not normal here.previous gvmnt fought it to the supreme court of canada but they ruled differently . people here are outraged and even taking up collections for you but leagly won’t go anywhere. write a book
    move to canada accept our condolances take advantage of our health care system ! it’s only taxes
    we pay a lot
    if mr kdr goes to the usa ??
    serve him with some papers
    neatest thing though would to be living in his same town !!!
    lots of people here luv you gal !!!
    charles stewart