by Spencer Fernando

July 3, 2017

Justin Trudeau’s decision to let China buy ITF Technologies and Norsat – two Canadian high-tech firms with connections to our national security – is massively opposed by Canadians.

According to a Nanos Research Poll, 76% of Canadians either oppose or somewhat oppose the Norsat deal, with just 18% supporting or somewhat supporting it.

When it comes to ITF Technologies, 78% oppose the sale.

So, as much as the Trudeau government gets called “centrist” by the elitist media, their position towards letting China take our companies puts them on the extreme fringe of public opinion.

As noted in a Globe & Mail article about the poll, “For many Canadians, they actually believe those transactions put Canada at risk,” pollster Nik Nanos said in an interview. “If the government continues to embark on this path, it will probably be a significant political risk for them.”

Support for free trade deal

A strange aspect of the poll shows that there is a disconnect between fears about China taking national security companies, and overall support for a free trade deal.

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  1. A PM who only wishes he was a visible minority on the outside so that he can virtue signal despising of himself as a white Canadian of privilege, but is PINK as COMMIE PINK can be on the inside.