Published on 2 May 2017

G. Edward Griffin (author of ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’) and Russel Gray (co-host of ‘The Real Estate Guys’ radio show) talk about the upcoming Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana from June 23rd to 24th, 2017.
This talk took place on a real estate cruise sponsored by The Real Estate Guys who’ve been known to interview President Donald Trump, Robert Kiyosaki among countless other major names in real estate.

The Red Pill Expo will include names such as G. Edward Griffin, Robert Kiyosaki, Lord Monckton, James Corbett, Richard Gage, Cynthia McKinney, Ty Bollinger, Mike Adams, Jon Rappoport, John B. Wells, Patrick Wood among many others.

You can find tickets to the event here:…