by Spencer Fernando

Sunday June 11, 2017

While the global elites spend their time criticizing the United States, there are actual horrible things taking place across the world.

One of those horrible things is a recent sentence handed down in Pakistan, where the government is going to put a man to death for “blasphemy” on Facebook.

A court in the city of Bahawalpur found 30 year old Taimoor Raza “guilty” of insulting the prophet muhammad.

Apparently, Raza “insulted” muhammad during a Facebook argument with a man who turned out to be a Pakistani counter-terrorism official.

Globalist oppression

Pakistan has previously asked Facebook and Twitter to help them identify users sharing “blasphemous” content, not just in Pakistan, but around the world.

Disturbingly, globalist corporations often bow down to those demands rather than stand up for individual liberty and free speech.

Raza’s sentence – and the process by which those punishments are delivered – has been denounced by human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch in Pakistan:

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