by Spencer Fernando
June 9th, 2017

Even if every country met their targets perfectly, almost nothing would be accomplished.

Early in June, I wrote that the Paris Climate Accord is a globalist scam. As I wrote at the time, the Paris Climate Accord isn’t about the environment at all. It’s about redistributing wealth at a global scale. What the elites couldn’t do with socialism, they’re trying to achieve with “climate change.”’

The accord lets other countries like China, Russia, and India keep increasing their emissions massively, while pushing countries like Canada to take measures like the carbon tax that will devastate our economy. It’s about holding back our economies, while letting other nations keep on expanding.

While we implement job killing carbon taxes, growth and jobs will move from our nation to countries allowed to keep investing in industry, energy production, and growth. That’s how our wealth gets redistributed around the world.

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