by Spencer Fernando

Monday May 29, 2017

Almost immediately after Andrew Scheer won the leadership of the Conservative Party, the Trudeau Liberals and their media stooges have been pushing their usual propaganda narrative.

They’ve said Andrew Scheer is “extreme” and they intend to portray him – and thus all who support him – as holding positions far outside the views of most Canadians.

This was expected, and it must be confronted.

Of course, we know the truth: It’s obvious that Andrew Scheer’s views are shared by Canadians. He has said clearly that “divisive” issues won’t be re-opened. He has said MP’s are free to speak their minds. He has said budgets should be balanced. He has said taxes should be lowered. And he has stood up for freedom of speech. Those are all things Canadians agree with. You can see that despite the best efforts of the elitist propaganda machine, Andrew Scheer’s views are not extreme.

However, it is not enough simply to confront the lies of the elites. The elitist strategy is to keep anyone challenging the status quo on the defensive, always answering accusations and attempting to “moderate” themselves by taking the positions endorsed by the elites.

So, by simply saying “Andrew Scheer is not extreme,” and leaving it at that, the elites are still winning.

That’s why it’s essential to go much further, and expose the real truth:Justin Trudeau is the real extremist.

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