By Tim Brown

Published: May 24, 2017

Political prisoner and reporter Pete Santilli recorded audio in which he gave an update on what has been taking place in Nevada behind the scenes of the Bundy Ranch trials.  He expressed disappointment that the people have not heard the truth in the trials and that his rights and the others to have due process via a speedy trial have been trampled upon.

“If Americans knew what was happening here in Nevada, they would be outraged!” said Santilli via a phone call from the Souther Nevada Detention Center in Pahrump, Nevada.

Santilli thanked his supporters and urged unity among them.  He then encouraged them to share with their friends in America what is going on.

“What this story is about, if you were to come to somebody that has no idea what’s happening here in Nevada with the American patriots, with people like myself, a journalist who has been incarcerated for the words that he used on his radio show here in the united States,” he said.  “This story is about the Obama administration, the Clintons, Loretta Lynch, James Comey, the FBI director, and Harry Reid rounding up a bunch of American patriots who, since dating back to 2014, wanted to free western lands from government control.”

Santilli then pointed to the protests at both Bundy Ranch in 2014 and the protest in Oregon in 2015-16 as evidence of what he was saying.  He then reminded people of who was actually using military-style force, the government.  The force culminated in the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

“The FBI covered up those details,” he said.  “The US government has protected their employees, who are guilty of this conduct going all the way back to 2014.”

After more than a year in jail, no central government figure or agent have been held accountable for their hand in any of this.

Santilli said the indictment against he and others was “fraudulent” and was made public by “lying, flamboyant” federal prosecutor Steven Myhre, whom Santilli says is “known for misconduct and ethical violations.”

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