by Spencer Fernando

Wednesday May 24, 2017

Arrogant politicians destroy confidence in economic future

Often, the best thing a politician can do is nothing at all.

Those in power love to stick their noses into things they don’t understand, and nowhere do we see that more than when it comes to the economy.

Despite the massive complexity of our modern economy, and despite the obvious truth that attempting to control that complexity inevitably ends in failure, the arrogant elites continue their efforts to “guide” and dominate our economic future.

You can see that in the suffering being inflicted upon the Alberta Oil Patch.

As reported by Bloomberg, drillers and equipment providers are having a tough time recruiting workers who have been let go in previous years. As Mark Salked – President of the Petroleum Services Association of Canada said, “We’re firing up more rigs, we’re firing up more frack spreads, and we need more crews and more equipment, but those extra people aren’t coming back.”

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