by Spencer Fernando 

Thursday May 18, 2017

UCP hastens end of NDP

The socialists in Alberta are running scared.

The announcement of a new centre-right party – the United Conservative Party – puts the NDP at risk of not only losing, but being nearly wiped out.

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and PC Leader Jason Kenney made the unity announcement Thursday. 75% of Wildrose members will have to approve the deal, and 50%+1 of PC members must vote in favour. They plan to have a new leader in place by October 28, 2017.

Both Jean and Kenney put forward a hopeful message:

“If approved by the membership, it would set us on a path to regain control of our province for now and for future generations,” said Jean.

“Hope is on the horizon,” Kenney said. “We are not seeking to impose an agreement but rather propose a way forward.”

With the unity announcement, the NDP is now fighting for survival:

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