STUNNING! Former US Pres. Obama was at the International Summit of Food Innovation in Milan. May 9. 2017…It’s called SEEDS AND CHIPS but should be called THE BASICS OF COMMUNISM BY BARACK OBAMA

You might not want to listen to the entire video but it is truly stunning to listen to the elitist globalist vision for controlling the masses. This is where we’re heading if the people don’t recognize this and rise up to fight it. This is why the left hates Trump! the shadow government wants control and will do everything it can to continue ruling. Obama and his cronies are dangerous to us all. We hope you’ll listen to the entire video or at least the point beginning with 44:36:

Please go to the 44:36 point of the video above: Obama speaks and then notice the clapping after his comments – these elitist lefties are nutso!

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