by Spencer Fernando

Thursday May 4, 2017

Justin Trudeau has never shown much loyalty to Canada2, and that was certainly the case when he lied about the Canadian Conservative Party in an interview with US-based Bloomberg Businessweek.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Trudeau tried to further ingratiate himself with the globalist elites by casting his government as the defence against populism and nationalism – as if those are supposed to be bad things – by implementing policies that allayed those “fears.”

First reported by CIJNews, here is an excerpt of what Trudeau told Bloomberg: 

“Some of the narratives are coming out of the leadership campaigns of the other two major parties and you can see that there is a strong drive towards populism even in, or at least to use of the populist tools, even in our election in 2015, we made, I made a conscious choice to try to draw people together, to work on allaying fears rather than highlighting them and exacerbating them, but I was up against a government that ran on, you know, snitch lines against Muslims and headscarf bans and a fearful narrative that Canadians chose to reject for the large part, because there was a positive inclusive solutions based on alternative on offer and I think that which worked in Canada can and should work elsewhere. I mean Sadiq Khan, mayor of London, had a very similar platform six months after we won, I mean, there’s an openness out there for citizens to have people pull out the best of them rather than try to protect us from the worst within us, and I think that’s a message that people are beginning to get around the world.”

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