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Apr. 3, 2017

The worst offender of this is CNN, but practically everybody in the Drive-By Media is treating the shocking, the blockbuster, the smoking-gun story that Susan Rice was no doubt spying for President Obama on the Trump campaign and the Trump transition.

They are treating this — you know, it’s interesting. The way they’re covering this for the Drive-Bys, CNN is actually telling people to ignore it, that they are not going to cover it, that it is simply a distraction. And they’re not gonna fall for it, and they don’t want you to fall for it. This is a distraction being offered up by right-wing media.

The rest of the Drive-Bys, the only way they’re covering the story, if they’re covering it at all, is to call it a distraction. It’s a distraction. Notice they’re not calling it fake news. They’re not calling it untrue. They’re not labeling it made-up. They’re not saying that it isn’t accurate. They’re saying it’s unimportant. And, strictly speaking, their objectives being to get rid of Donald Trump, it is unimportant, and it is not helpful, and it is not useful. Those are three oftentimes, often used phrases by the Drive-Bys: not helpful, not useful.

So it’s being portrayed as a distraction, not even fake news. All the evidence seems to be there. So instead they’re saying it’s a distraction because Rice didn’t do anything illegal. Except she did if she asked for this information without it being part of an investigation. And here’s something very important to remember, folks. The White House cannot do investigations.

The White House does not do investigations. The FBI investigates. The CIA investigates. The NSA investigates. But the White House does not investigate. So if the White House is investigating, something’s already very wrong. All the White House does — and the FBI director James Comey even admitted this in the most recent round of congressional hearings. He said the White House is a consumer of what we do, meaning the White House would consume the results, the analysis, and the data of investigations they conduct.

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