Vander Zalm Exposes Geoengineering to city counsels throughout British Columbia, but also applies for FOI with both the BC provincial government, and the Feds….

not only does the Canadian government admit it’s happening, but also participating in the program…

Listen to former Premier Bill Vander Zalm as he shares the documents he recently received from Environment Canada, not only acknowledging what is going on in the sky above us, but an admission of participating…


Chemtrails over Edmonton this week…


Chemtrail taken over Edmonton sky this past week. (Photographer : Ed Mason)
Chemtrail over Edmonton this past week. Photo, courtesy of Ed Mason





    As a Canadian Catholic, I am distressed by the general direction taken recently by the Vatican, and particularly by Pope Francis, with respect to our supposed responsibilities “to protect ‘Mother Earth,'” as the latter calls the planet.

    I don’t read the New Testament as often as I should, but I am quite sure that there is not a single reference in the four Gospels to this particular mother (actually a pagan goddess, also known as ‘Gaia’), although of course there are many references to Jesus’ own holy mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, in the Gospels.

    It would be much appreciated if Catholic World Report would dig deeper into this issue, as the Pope has used Globalist Malthusian eugenicist arguments from the likes of the United Nations’ Jeffrey Sachs and other notorious population control advocates to advance his heretical ideas.

    Catholic researcher Elizabeth Yore has done detailed work on the Globalist eugenicists’ infiltration of the Vatican by these anti-human life fanatics, available at The Remnant Newspaper online.

    Their eugenicist UN Agenda 2030 ideas are thus a direct threat to the very existence and orthodoxy of our only earthly mother, Holy Mother Church.

    Please provide more balance in your reporting of this issue, and do deeper research on the ongoing geo-engineering of our atmosphere, which is a very real phenomenon apparently unnoticed by the Pope and his scientistic advisors.

    Time to grow up and wake up, folks.

    If I may so, speaking only as a concerned human and not a scientist, the Pope should take a walk every day in the Vatican gardens and keep his mind open and his attention fixed firmly on the skies of Rome, which are being modified, like they are in many other locales, by futile attempts to reduce solar radiation hitting the surface of the Earth.

    There are numerous photos of the skies above Saint Peter’s basilica which show the geo-engineering, producing persistent contrails which expand to cover the whole sky in white aerosol, making Roman blue skies a rarity now.

    These illegal and generally unacknowledged modifications have nothing to do with increased CO2, nor is there any evidence whatsoever that CO2 is driving global average surface temperatures up, as concerned Catholics Christopher Moncton, Marc Morano and many others have easily proven.

    We should all be grateful therefor to the American President Donald Trump for taking the first courageous steps away from this huge Globalist hoax called ‘climate change’ and realize that not only is the business case for the Paris Accord not in the best interest of the American people, the so-called ‘science’ used to justify it has been completely discredited.

    In other words, legitimate concerns about ‘climate change’ have been highjacked by malevolent Globalists, keeping the whole world distracted from the very visible and obvious geo-engineering which is producing all the weird weather anomalies (‘extreme weather events’) until now blamed on increased CO2.

    As long as the Pope’s seemingly naive intentions are distracted by this junk science of CO2 supposedly driving temperatures up, we are on the wrong track and risk a massive human cull through UN-sanctioned abortion, contraception, GMOs, heavy metal nano particulate geo-engineering, sterilization, tainted vaccines, war, et cetera.



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