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Premier Brad Wall to Challenge in court the Trudeau Government’s Carbon Tax

(CHRIS VANDENBREEKEL/650 CKOM Premier Brad Wall told a crowd of supporters the province would "beat" a federal carbon tax in court during a speech in...

Liberals planning to rubber-stamp potentially dangerous asylum seekers

According to two senior sources — both former high-ranking officials in the department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, the new policy would fast-track and quickly accept asylum claims from countries with historically high acceptance rates into Canada by the Immigration Refugee Board (IRB)

“Major, Major Conflict” With North Korea Possible: Trump, by Spencer Fernando

A major conflict with North Korea is a possibility says US President Donald Trump, though he is hoping for a diplomatic solution

BC Debate: Weaver Beats up Horgan on Camera, by Harvey Oberfeld

  by Harvey Oberfeld Keeping it Real... April 26th, 2017 The gloves were off in the televised BC election debate Wednesday night …and Green leader Andrew Weaver pummelled...

LIAR: Harjit Sajjan Falsely Took Credit For Canadian Afghan War Operation Medusa

Sajjan must resign Harjit Sajjan showed bravery serving Canada in Afghanistan. He deserves credit for that. But his performance in office has not been positive. Under his watch, the military budget has fallen to a post-war low of just .88% of GDP.

Trump, NeoCons, Spies, British and French Elections. Michael Rivero

Gov’t Shutdown, ObamaGate, Soros, Five Eyes, Fake News and Milk

Dutch banker Ronald Bernard was asked to sacrifice a child at a party. That...

https://youtu.be/nEpcY5JU120 Subtitles included in video above... By Baxter Dmitry Published: April 23, 2017 Describing his experiences in the banking Illuminati in an gut-wrenching TV interview, Ronald shared details about the...

WATCH: Emmanuel Macron BOOED By French Factory Workers

Emmanuel Macron – the globalist candidate in the upcoming French President Election – visited a factory at risk of closure during a campaign stop

Marijuana legalization presents both potential political risks and gains for Liberals, say insiders

One the one hand, the Liberals are keeping a key election promise, but much will depend on what the reality of legalized marijuana looks...