SURGE: Illegal Border Crossings Jump As Trudeau Refuses To Secure Border

Keep in mind, that’s just the people we know about. There are certainly many people crossing illegally and never getting caught....

Marine Le Pen Hits Out At Pope After Call For Open Borders

French presidential frontrunner Marine Le Pen has criticised the Pope for pressuring Western countries to open their borders to migrants, accusing him of asking states to disregard their own citizens.

Backbench Liberals Turning Against Trudeau’s Controlling Methods? – Spencer Fernando

Both the Conservatives and NDP are working together to fight Trudeau’s attack on democracy, in large part because making big rule changes to the house of commons has typically involved including other parties. This important and necessary work to protect democracy is slowing down the Liberal’s agenda.

Trump, North Korea, Syria, World War 3, and the Deep State. Michael Rivero

Retail, Autos, Airlines, Riots, Pot, Wikileaks, and the French Election

Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House?

After a rather public imbroglio with Trump’s strategic policy adviser Stephen Bannon over the U.S. cruise missile attack on the Shayrat airbase in Syria, Kushner is «in», as they often say in Washington, and Bannon is «out»

How Marine Le Pen is facing wipe out in French election after COMPUTER BLUNDER

France’s Interior Ministry has said it will not be invalidating the election because of the duplicate voting glitch, but with Bloomberg’s latest poll currently showing Mr Macron and Ms Le Pen polling at 22.8 per cent, and far left Mr Melenchon at 18.3 per cent, it is possible an extra 500,000 votes either way could swing the balance of power.

Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory? The Murals are so Demonic! Scary, if not Terrifying!!!

Explains the meanings of the murals, symbology around the airport and what's going on underneath the airport, as well as around it.

FAIL: North Korea Missile Blows Up “Almost Immediately”

The most disturbing thing about North Korea is their unending march toward more powerful weapons, and more long-range delivery systems.

Tommy Robinson vs. alleged Muslim rape gang at courthouse

Today as they arrived at court in Huddersfield, northern England, I confronted the 24 men and two women charged with abusing over 120 underage girls.

We Should All Mourn Mashal Khan, by Harvey Oberfeld

the story has drawn VERY LITTLE or NO attention from the BIG “world” news organizations: CBC National; CTV National; BBC World; CNN; or, Al Jazeera. Why?
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