CBC wants anti-Trudeau attack ad banned from YouTube

The Conservatives are once again insisting that Justin Trudeau "just isn't ready" -- and the CBC wants it scrubbed from the internet

GM Issues Layoff Notices To 255 Canadian Workers In St. Catharines, Ontario

Currently, 2,500 workers at the CAMI plant are on strike in an effort to protect their jobs. There have already been 600 jobs lost at the CAMI plant when production of the GMC Terrain was moved to Mexico

REPORT: Billions Of Dollars Have Already Left Canada Because Of Impending Trudeau Tax Hikes

John Manley – who served as Finance Minister under the Chretien government – says he personally knows of a Canadian business owner who has moved billions of dollars out of Canada as a result of Trudeau’s impending tax changes

Canadians Stand in Food Lines while Trudeau gives Billions of Tax Dollars to Other...

Trudeau gives Afghan vets $33 million while homeless Canadian vets stay on the street Justin Trudeau is a GLOBALIST, not a Nationalist! This country is being destroyed from within and its our government which is taking us down...

Trump, Isolation, UN, Hurricanes and Hillary. Michael Rivero – September 19, 2017

Deep State, Globalism, GAB, Vaccines and Missiles

“It’s not legalization”: Following hearings, Don Davies slams Liberal government on proposed cannabis bill

Think Justin Trudeau is fulfilling his promise of legalizing cannabis with Bill C-45? According to Vancouver Kingsway MP Don Davies, you might want to think again

GLOBALISM: Trudeau Given Elitist “Global Citizen” Award By Group Funded By Foreign Governments &...

The elites see Trudeau as the defender of their privileges and power, which is a clear sign that he is opposed to middle-income and working-class Canadians

“hexes, vexes, spells, jinxes, incantations & curses,” part of Hillary’s arsenal featuring Larry Nichols...

https://youtu.be/aAnTfCy44DM Larry Nichols was there back in Arkansas while Bill Clinton was the governor.. Larry Nichols website HERE  

President Trump Addresses The United Nations General Assembly

U.S. President Donald Trump addressed the United Nations, focusing heavily on North Korea, Iran, and state sovereignty

REPORT: Trudeau Planning To Suppress Debate As Parliament Returns

As Parliament returns for the fall session, the Trudeau government is seeking to suppress debate