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Former NDP MLA running for B.C. Conservatives says she was abandoned by the left

Former NDP MLA Gwen O’Mahony will be running under the B.C. Conservative party’s banner in the next provincial election this year.

SLOBODIAN: For saying vaccines are not right for kids, this expert doctor’s career is...

Before COVID-19 arrived, Dr. Eric Payne was a sought-after pediatric neurocritical care physician and clinical researcher in Calgary

NDP “Bleeding Heart” Policies Destroying Communities, Public Safety and Even YOUR Security in Hospitals!

It was a Memo to Nurses in the Northern Health Region that, when I heard about, I doubted its veracity.

Canada Contributing “Thousandth Of A Degree” To Climate Change Increase, by Brad Salzberg

“The prime minister’s claim we must act now to avoid extreme weather is simply misinformation.”

Climate Change Justifies Killing 2 billion People to Save the Planet Before 2027

I have written in the past few weeks that all my sources are DEEPLY concerned that the Climate Change movement is transforming into using war to reduce the population

Trump says Biden should be drug tested before debating, suggests president might be using...

On Thursday, Donald Trump said that if Joe Biden ever agrees to a debate, he wants him to undergo a drug test.


The Canada Pension cheque is now (or soon will be) referred to as a "Federal Benefit Payment?"

Pro-freedom candidates suddenly dropped from B.C. Conservatives speak out

Pro-freedom candidates, who were suddenly dropped by the Conservative Party of B.C., discuss why they believe they were tossed to the side and what that means for the party