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Justin Trudeau’s Pedophile Connections

Canadian top UN adviser and pedophile, Peter John Dalglish, was recently arrested in Nepal, under the oversight of CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Dalglish is alleged to have posted a snuff video involving Hillary Clinton, her top aide, Huma Abadin, and a young girl

Media Silent as Allison Mack’s Arrest Exposes Child Trafficking For Billionaire-Backed Sex Slave Ring

As more details emerge in the case of the elite Hollywood sex cult NXIVM, it seems that the story goes even deeper than was first reported

Episode 224: Cannabis Health Radio Returns!

(Ian Jessop and Corrie Yelland) After a break of almost 2 years, Ian and Corrie return to talk about re-launching the podcast so they can...

Justin Amash Dumps Republican Party: ‘Our Politics in Partisan Death Spiral’

Never Trump congressman who has consistently backed impeachment of President Donald Trump Quits GOP

Portland journalist Andy Ngo speaks out, says Antifa behind attack

A Portland journalist who was attacked Saturday is speaking out to ABC7 News and says Antifa members attacked him

Major City Blocking 5G Cell Towers Over Concerns They Can Cause Cancer

As 5G technology begins to roll out across the country, it is being met by a massive wave of resistance over concerns that it can cause health problems

Maxime Bernier: The Next Prime Minister of Canada? Rubin Report! (Full Interview)

Excellent interview with Maxime Bernier who lays out his platform and convictions.

Huge child porn ring bust in Toronto shows sickness in our society

A child pornography ring operating in Toronto was busted this week by Toronto police

Ahead Of Canada Day, Poll Shows Massive Pessimism, Opposition To Direction Of Nation

by Spencer Fernando June 30, 2019 Poll conducted by CBC backfires as it demolishes establishment narrative. Ahead of Canada Day Weekend, CBC commissioned a poll by Public Square Research...
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