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Here’s Why A New Poll Is Good News For Conservatives, And Bad News For...

Big number of Canadians won’t even consider voting Liberal

TREASON: Trudeau Government Trying To Help ISIS Terrorists – Including ‘Jihadi Jack’ – Come...

They’re offering support to treasonous people who fought for the evil terrorist state

Life, Liberty & Levin, with guest George Gilder (Video)

https://youtu.be/jTlIHBgPedU Mark welcomes George Gilder to the program... George Gilder George Franklin Gilder is an American investor, writer, economist, techno-utopian advocate, and co-founder of the Discovery Institute....

Are You Ready To See ARRESTS?

"Are you ready to see arrests? Are you ready to see pain? Are you ready to be a part of history?"

#WalkAway Campaign Grows As Canadians Leave Radical Left

People are rejecting the identity politics and hate of the far-leftists

A Giant HOAX For Mankind (Video)

https://youtu.be/P-Aw4Ngab9g SGTreport Published on 13 Oct 2018 SUBSCRIBE 426K Bart Sibrel the producer of the documentary 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon' joins me to...

Bernier Slams United Nations As “A Useless Joke”

It’s great to see a Canadian politician call out the United Nations for the sad and corrupt organization it has become

Hillary Clinton Loses Security Clearance Amid Email Scandal

by Cristina Laila October 11, 2018 Hillary Clinton lost her security clearance according to an announcement from the Senate Judiciary Committee on Friday. Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck...

Trump could be the most honest president in modern history

Donald Trump may be remembered as the most honest president in modern American history

The Clinton Cash – Documentary

https://youtu.be/kp2akjuUULI The True Hillary Clinton Published on 23 Jul 2016 SUBSCRIBE 439 Clinton Cash, a film by M. A. Taylor