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Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry from BC Physician re: Moderna Vaccine Reactions

The first dose of the Moderna vaccine has now been administered to some of my patients in the community of Lytton, BC. This began with the First Nations members of our community in mid-January, 2021. 900 doses have now been administered.

Alberta’s Covid Panel Is Flawed, by Brian Peckford

Unfortunately , the efforts in Canada to objectively review Governments’ approaches to the alleged covid pandemic have failed .

‘12 Lies of COVID’ — Christmas Carol by Justice for the Vaccinated

Hear more from Canadian Doctors Charles Hoffe + Stephen Malthouse and the Justice for the Vaccinated Tour on ‘Good Morning CHD’ on CHD.TV

Sudden Death + Turbo Cancer: Canadian Doctors Speak Out

Charles Hoffe, Stephen Malthouse, Chris Shaw & William Makis

WHY We All Should Be Supporting Danielle Smith —Canada’s Best Chance For Freedom And...

by The Honourable A.Brian Peckford Peckford42 October 23, 2022 It is clear now!! Danielle Smith means what she says.  And minus a few unfortunate apologies for defending the rights...

Justice for the Vaccinated – Doctors on Tour

Dr. Charles Hoffe & Dr. Stephen Malthouse will be Kamloops tonight 

It’s The System – But That Means It Implicates Us All And Well –...

One of the crucial questions that avoids scrutiny in this time of ‘ official misinformation’ is that to face what is really happening one must confront some harsh self evaluation and risk either job or peer condemnation or both.

Speech by the Honourable A. Brian Peckford on the Occasion Of The George Jonas...

It is a real honour to be asked to speak to you on this very important occasion for freedom. Especially to honour someone I have met and with whom I participated at the Trucker Convoy in Ottawa.