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RIVERO: Seth Rich, Trump, TPP, GMOs, Mueller, Comey, and Flynn’s 5th

Michael Rivero joins Jim Goddard on the Talk Digital Network

ELITIST SURRENDER: BBC Host Says “Get Used To” Islamist Terrorism

We know the elitists have failed to keep our societies safe. It turns out virtue-signalling and political correctness can’t deter evil killers

DUMB: Trudeau Government Forms “Climate Pact” With China & European Union

Yet another globalist agreement that sets impossible standards and damages our economy

Salman Abedi Identified As Manchester Terrorist, Islamic State Claims Responsibility

The horrific suicide bomb terror attack in Manchester that took the lives of 22 people was perpetrated by Salman Abedi, a 23-year-old man known to British authorities

The Corrupt System Must Be Crushed, by Spencer Fernando

The Canadian government must serve Canadians. Coercing money from us through taxes and then sending it outside our country is unacceptable. People should be free to do what they want with their money – including giving foreign aid. But that must be a private decision, not a decision forced on us by the government

‘Hero’ Journalist Who Exposed CIA Dies of ‘Heart Attack’ at 56

When will the American People demand investigations into these "strange" deaths, Seth Rich, Vince Foster and all the other over 150 unexplained murders, suicides, airplane crashes and car accidents since the Clinton Machine came on the scene.

PRIORITIES: Trudeau’s Foreign Billions Ignores Nunavut’s Food Insecurity

Despite serious problems and struggles being faced by Canadians across our country, every year more of our taxpayer money is taken from us and given away outside our borders.

WATCH: BBC Anchor Panics & Abruptly Cuts Off John McLaughlin When He Brings Up...

It’s a known fact that Hillary Clinton sold Uranium to the Russians. Why is it so hard for people to think of the Clinton’s as the most corrupt couple in America?

Tucker Carlson Show: Democrat Professor Alan Dershowitz Said Most Accusations against Trump Are NOT...

Alan Dershowitz, a long time democrat and Hillary supporter, says, What's The Crime? A Must Watch!!!

Did Clinton & Podesta Order The MURDER of Seth Rich?

The evidence is quickly mounting against dark powers in Washington DC which are covering up the investigation into the MURDER of DNS staffer Seth Rich
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