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BC Election Aftermath: ‘Let’s Be Careful What We Wish For,’ by Jim Hume

(File Photo: BC Gov)   by Jim Hume The Old Islander Saturday May 27, 2017 Tough times ahead for our Legislative Assembly remodelled somewhat indecisively in May. Times that...

Globalists Using Donald Trump To Take America Into War, by Chuck Baldwin

“‘The Saudis have been, of course, the leading funder of Sunni Islamic terrorism, which Trump would not dare to say,’ he noted.”

The Royals: Royal Visit, Family Secrets Exposed! (Video)

The Royal Family is up to more than you think. Sex-scandals, Diana-murder, hidden past and more!

Times Square Hoax This is how they stage False Terror – Hello World

What are the signs to look for when we hear of terrorists attacks from coporate media. Not Everything you watch and listen to on your television, is not necessarily the truth. Can you Image?

BC Liberals will Have New Leader Within a Year – Christy’s ‘past due’ date...

The NDP and the Greens are talking coalition ... and if that does not come together, BC Liberal leader Christy Clark may succeed in hanging on as Premier for a while with a minority government. But regardless of what happens, Clark will be gone as Liberal leader within a year...

CLIMATE CULT: Trudeau Liberals Slam Oil & Gas Industry With More Regulations

Surely it’s just a “coincidence” that Western Canada will be most damaged by the new Methane rules…

Bundy Ranch Prisoners Speak Out: If America Knew what was Happening, they’d be Outraged

Santilli said the indictment against he and others was “fraudulent” and was made public by “lying, flamboyant” federal prosecutor Steven Myhre, whom Santilli says is “known for misconduct and ethical violations.”

DISTURBING: Manchester Terrorist Linked To Ottawa Imam

Radical imam preached jihad in Libya, and had a son who fought for Islamist group

Under Dangerous Duo Of Trudeau & Notley, Oil Patch Struggles To Hire

Despite the massive complexity of our modern economy, and despite the obvious truth that attempting to control that complexity inevitably ends in failure, the arrogant elites continue their efforts to “guide” and dominate our economic future
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