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Trump Administration to increase atmospheric geoengineering efforts, spray chemtrails for next 100 years straight

Shade exposes the true power structure embedded in our global reality, showing the true controllers their plans to Geo-engineer our planet and control the populace “Geoengineer David Keith made a statement a couple of years ago. He said, ‘geoengineering gives man God-like power,”

MSNBC Host Joe Scarborough Goes Off Script – Admits truth, no Trump Hater wants...

They're finally realizing they were wrong all along on Trump. This is EPIC!

Chemical Weapons Expert EXPOSES Syrian False Flag

Josh Sigurdson reports on the the recent news that a chemical weapons expert and rocket scientist Theodore Postol has exposed new video of the supposed state sponsored chemical attack in Syria as propaganda

Trudeau Must Say No To Slaughterhouse Mali “Peacekeeping” Mission

Trudeau is considering sending Canadian Troops to Mali in Africa where over 100 peacekeepers have been killed in terror attacks

Western Canadians have been subsidizing the rest of Canada for decades, even when they...

John Gormley joined Ezra Levant to discuss Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall's latest dig at Justin Trudeau

Propping up Liberals BEST Green Strategy in Minority Government in British Columbia, by...

by Harvey Oberfeld Keeping it Real... Friday May 12, 2017     Platforms, policies and promises all count for nothing in practical terms unless backed by POWER. And if the Greens truly...

‘How The Federal Reserve Enslaved America’, by G. Edward Griffin, author of ‘Jekyll Island’...

G. Edward Griffin also goes into other central banks like The Bank of Canada and the differences and similarities between the Federal Reserve and other globalist central banks. He also talks about who really controls the Federal Reserve and who formed it

Sharia fines come to Canada! Fight back by helping John Alabi pay his $12,000.00...

John Alabi, a 52-year-old Ontario man, is being issued a sharia ticket for $12,000 by the province’s Human Rights Tribunal

Bad News for Hillary: FBI Could Re-Open Clinton Criminal Case – Hannity

posted by Hannity.com Staff Thursday May 11, 2017 President Trump’s recent decision to fire FBI Chief James Comey may have unintended consequences for Hillary Clinton, and...

FRANCE’S NEW PRESIDENT: A Useful Idiot Of Islamism Tells World “French culture does not...

“There is no such thing as French culture. There is culture in France, and it is diverse.”—Emmanuel Macron, new globalist president of France