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Doug Ford promises cheaper gas, Justin Trudeau vows to stop it

Doug Ford is promising to act swiftly, to do something the people want and Justin Trudeau is vowing to stop it

era of Angela Merkel may be coming to an end

The era of Angela Merkel may be coming to an end as longstanding disagreements on migration policies between her and her Bavarian allies threaten to come to a head and potentially unseat the German leader, who has been at the country’s helm since 2005

Q ANON: “Not all are awake. Obtain Name.” Who is this man with Barry?

https://youtu.be/L6uSGv164Xw JustInformed Talk Published on 16 Jun 2018 Q ANON: "Not all are awake. Obtain Name." Craig of JustInformed Talk analysis the latest posts of Q, giving his...

Trump demands Canada dismantle supply management or risk trading relationship

Canada levies a tariff of 270 per cent on milk, 245 per cent on cheese and 298 per cent on butter in an effort to keep imports out and tightly control supply


THE ECONOMY - there can be no question that our economy is booming at record levels. One of the important reasons is Trump's repeal of numerous rules and regulations that were imposed by Obama. This economic resurgence is 100% created by Trump and his policies

REPORT: ISIS Fighter In Toronto Brags To Media About Executing People, Discusses Threat Of...

by Spencer Fernando June 15, 2018 Yet, the Trudeau government has not arrested him. There are yet more disturbing reports about an ISIS fighter in Canada, bragging...

Report: FBI Agent Peter Strzok Vowed ‘We’ Would ‘Stop’ Trump from Becoming President

DOJ appeared Wednesday to confirm the authenticity of the new texts even before the report was released

Trump, North Korea, Iran, and Trudeau with Michael Rivero This Week, on the Jim...

https://youtu.be/pPNIpsV4Onk talkdigitalnetwork Published on 13 Jun 2018   Welcome to Talk Digital's Jim Goddard Report, with special guest Michael Rivero. Among this weeks topics, Bill Clinton, De Niro,...

For America to survive, Google must be defeated

How Google is deliberately driving America toward open warfare

DEFUND: CBC Runs Garbage Article Saying Doug Ford Only Won Because He’s A Straight...

Whenever you think that the state propaganda broadcaster can’t go any further towards leftist insanity, a new article or story comes along
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