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GUEST COLUMN: Like him or not, Trump is raising real issues that Canada can’t...

The anti-Trump bandwagon in Canada is rejoicing after another show of, according to our media, idiotic behaviour by the American president

Bill Good Sparks Questions as Voice of New Anti-Electoral Reform Group in British Columbia

(Broadcaster Bill Good holds his Radio Television Digital News Association’s Sam Ross Award in Vancouver in April for his editorial on News 1130, A...

EDITORIAL: Trudeau’s phoney climate war against Ford begins

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will force carbon pricing on Ontario now that premier-designate Doug Ford has announced he will scrap the cap and trade scheme imposed on the province by defeated premier Kathleen Wynne

Brad Wall says Trudeau playing favourites with Quebec against the West, by Brian Lilley

“There is more Western Alienation right now in Alberta and Saskatchewan,” says Brad Wall, “than I have ever seen.”

What is Q ANON & The Great Awakening?

https://youtu.be/TQscIaCFOkI JustInformed Talk Published on 26 May 2018 SUBSCRIBED 87K What is Q ANON & The Great Awakening? PATREON: www.patreon.com/justinformedtalk    

ALL FAKED! Fake photo, fake news, fake media and the engineering of fake outrage...

The now-infamous “family separation” photo you see below, taken by John Moore and licensed by Getty Images, has become the emotion-infused rallying cry for fact-devoid Leftists to demand unlimited open borders that would flood the United States with illegals

Trump Haters: Outrage over Liberal riding chair’s profane Facebook rant

“Is this the typical language we can expect out of the Liberal Party when they are supposed to be representing Canadians? Disgusting.”

Facebook bans Alzheimer’s, Dementia prevention education videos

In yet another example of tech giants protecting Big Pharma’s evil monopolies by censoring content that helps people heal, Facebook has banned advertising of an upcoming Alzheimer’s and Dementia summit

LILLEY: Feds could have avoided U.S. tariffs on steel, aluminum

(Prime Minister Justin Trudeau meets with U.S. President Donald Trump at the G7 leaders summit in La Malbaie, Que., on June 8, 2018.Justin Tang / The...

BC’s High End Home Tax, Empty Mansions and Money Laundering in Vancouver, BC. with...

Party Politics, Political Elite, and BC’s Forest Fire Plans
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