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Trump, The Swamp, Fake News Divides: Michael Rivero joins with Jim Goddard

Voter Fraud, Caravans, FISA, and Pot

Peoples Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier in Vancouver

The leader of the Peoples Party of Canada Maxime Bernier on a cross Canada tour visits Vancouver, BC last night...

POLL: UCP Leads NDP In Alberta, Have More Potential Supporters

A new poll by Abacus Data shows the United Conservative Party holding a strong lead over the NDP in Alberta, putting Jason Kenney on track to become Premier with a majority government

BOOM! TRUMP UNLOADS ON OBAMA: I Will Not Forgive Him for What He Did...

President Donald Trump unloaded on his predecessor, former President Barack Obama, on Friday morning

Vast array of breakfast cereals contain worrying levels of glyphosate

Would you like some weed killer with your breakfast?

Jeff Sessions resigns as Attorney General

Trump had long been enraged with Sessions over the Mueller probe

Maxime Bernier Slams Paris Climate Accord

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier slammed the Paris Climate Accord, and says he’s the only politician in Ottawa who opposes it

Canadian media suddenly worried about third party groups

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2019 election, Canada’s media noticed that there are these things called third party groups

Americans Say Media Divide Us More Than Trump, New Poll Finds

Liberal reporters and pundits keep blaming the president for partisan divide and recent violence — but the voters have another point of view By Kathryn Blackhurst November...

WATCH: Audience Rates Steve Bannon As Winner In Munk Debate Vs. David Frum On...

by Spencer Fernando November 5, 2018 https://youtu.be/poq5ZrAc7pk Given the chance to actually speak his mind himself as opposed to being demonized by the left, Steve Bannon makes...
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