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New Trump Executive Order Targets Clinton-Linked Individuals, Lobbyists And Perhaps Uranium One (Video)

The Trump Administration quietly issued an Executive Order (EO) last Thursday which allows for the freezing of US-housed assets belonging to foreign individuals or entities deemed “serious human rights abusers,” along with government officials and executives of foreign corporations (current or former) found to have engaged in corruption –

Trump, Vegas Shooting, Bundy Ranch and NAFTA with Michael Rivero

Trains, Cryptos, and Net Neutrality

White House Lawyers Still Claim Robert Mueller Will End Probe Soon

In an interview Monday, Jay Sekulow, a member of the president’s legal team, stood by the prediction that the part of the inquiry involving Mr. Trump would end soon

New questions emerge about cell phone radiofrequencies causing brain damage, especially in children

The research also confirms that people diagnosed with certain forms of brain cancer are more likely to have used cell phones in the preceding decade, and that the cancers usually occur on the side of the head that their cell phones are most often used on

Justin Trudeau: Returning Islamic State Jihadists Can Be ‘Extraordinarily Powerful Voice’ in Canada

Trudeau’s remarks have triggered outrage among conservatives in Canadian media. Analyst Ezra Levant, for example, notes that the individuals targeted by these reform programs have already committed crimes by virtue of traveling to join ISIS: “Our criminal code has provisions against terrorism, and specifically, provisions about even travelling to join a terrorist group, even if you don’t shoot a bullet or rape anyone.”

Radio Station Reports UN Vehicles Entering Chicago, Gets Taken Off The Air (Video)

Matt Dubiel joins Alex Jones and Roger Stone live to break down how his radio station was mysteriously silenced from the airwaves while broadcasting Infowars…

Clinton Corruption Completely Exposed in Under Five Minutes

Morning Joe exposes the corruption of the Clinton Foundation and "Bill Clinton Inc.".

When The Biased News Media Started A War, Dick Morris

1898: When The Biased News Media Started A War - History Video! - DickMorris.com at DickMorris.com Click Here to give me your thoughts and continue the...

Glyphosate (Round Up) Found in White Rock Water – What’s In Your Tap Water?

Ross Buchanan – Awareness of Toxic Stew Growing

Canada Abstains On Garbage UN Vote That Condemned U.S. Declaring Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital

Canada joined 35 countries in abstaining, while over 100 voted in favour