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Health Ranger warns: Bitcoin collapse now under way… has already plunged nearly 40% from...

The Bitcoin promoters telling you that you can’t trust the dollar because it’s fiat currency usually fail to inform you that Bitcoin is crypto fiat currency, backed by nothing

A Canadian Veteran Speaks Out Against Trudeau’s Khadr Payment

While many Veterans are homeless and taking their lives, Omar Khadr gets $10.5 million

Obama Wiretapped Trump: Step by Step

As mentioned earlier the evidence would never hold up in open court but the FISA court is not an open one

SCHEER: Nobody Believes Trudeau’s Khadr Payment Was About Saving Money

Andrew Scheer also wants Tabitha Speer to know that Canadians don’t support what Trudeau did

Trudeau lies to sell Canadian public on Khadr payout

One thing you won't get from Justin Trudeau on the Omar Khadr file is the truth

China Minsheng Investment Group To Buy Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain Resorts

The ongoing sale of Canada to China continues

Sniveling Sears Pays Execs Bonuses While Eliminating Severance For Workers

Punishing loyalty while rewarding failure

In Death, as in Life, Liu Xiaobo Exposes China’s True Ugly Reality by Harvey...

The death of Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo tells a lot about the REALITY of China ...despite those smiling handshakes between its leaders and the rest of the world

“Eradicating capitalism”: Media Party ignores extremist views of NDP leadership hopefuls

Did you hear about the four Canadians that want to become PM and also want to scrap capitalism?

Justin Trudeau Gives Clinton Foundation $20 Million of our Tax Dollars

Dan Dicks of Press For Truth exposes how this is actually a front that acts as a money making machine which promotes and carries out a eugenics program on a global scale