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Sharia fines come to Canada! Fight back by helping John Alabi pay his $12,000.00...

John Alabi, a 52-year-old Ontario man, is being issued a sharia ticket for $12,000 by the province’s Human Rights Tribunal

Bad News for Hillary: FBI Could Re-Open Clinton Criminal Case – Hannity

posted by Hannity.com Staff Thursday May 11, 2017 President Trump’s recent decision to fire FBI Chief James Comey may have unintended consequences for Hillary Clinton, and...

FRANCE’S NEW PRESIDENT: A Useful Idiot Of Islamism Tells World “French culture does not...

“There is no such thing as French culture. There is culture in France, and it is diverse.”—Emmanuel Macron, new globalist president of France

REPORT: Locals Fled Pool After Migrants Masturbated Into Jacuzzi, Defecated Into Kid’s Pool, Invaded...

A group of migrant men and women were caught on security camera at the Johannisbad baths in Zwickau, Saxony engaging in unacceptable behaviour, including masturbating into the jacuzzi

BC Election: Absentee Vote Holds Key to Victory … EVERY Voter Counts! by Harvey...

It could be weeks before we REALLY know FOR SURE which party forms government in BC. With all the recounts and absentee vote results still to come …. the FINAL seat division between the Liberals and NDP are too close to call

PROOF: Something Very NEFARIOUS is Going On At You Tube

It has now become crystal clear that the You Tube 'Adpocalypse' is just phase one of a far more sinister plan to sabotage successful You Tube channels in order to kill competition

Sell Out: Trudeau Lets Secretive Chinese Corporation Buy BC’s Biggest Assisted-Living Provider

Disturbingly, as pointed out by Steven Chase in the Globe & Mail, Anbang Insurance didn’t even need to give any guarantees of creating more elder care jobs, despite the rapid growth of the sector

Besides Arsenic, Manganese, White Rock Counsel votes to add another poison to city water,...

https://youtu.be/9GU9lDD7X3Y Published on 8 May 2017 According to the White Rock.ca website other Canadian cities which have added this poison to their water systems include; Victoria, Abbotsford,...

Al Gore wants $15 trillion dollars (yes, TRILLION) to fight imaginary climate change

Fifteen trillion dollars. That’s $15,000,000,000,000. What’s even funnier – or sadder, depending on how you look at it – Gore says that amount of money does “not pose a major macroeconomic challenge.”

Canada to invest $200 million in climate-change projects in Asian and Pacific countries

This funding is part of Canada’s $2.65-billion pledge to help countries and communities around the world fight the effects of climate change.