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Vaccines,Trump vs Rogue Gov’t, Colbert and French Election: This Week With Michael Rivero

French Election, EU, Neo-Cons, Depolicing, and Spyware

BUNDY RANCH UPDATE: Will The Feds Turn Bundy Into A Martyr?

  in News by Slad Published: May 8, 2017   For those who may have missed it, the original email I sent on May 04 2017 is below this...

90,000 Christians Slaughtered in 2016 because of their faith…

90,000 Christians were killed for practicing their beliefs in 2016 alone

Nigel Farage: French Election Aftermath…

The Nigel Farage Show: French Election Aftermath

Obama Praises Islam! says, America Is No Longer A Christian Nation!? (Video)

Worst of all, Obama left a power vacuum in the Middle East that gave rise to ISIS. The rise in Islamic terrorism across the world in Obama’s wake is alarming!

The Year The Party Without Hope Won It All in British Columbia, by Jim...

  by Jim Hume Journalist (Bio below) Sunday May 7, 2017 Just a few days to go and you figure it’s all over. Conventional thinking suggests the undecided...

‘Britain First’ confronts ‘Ramsgate Rapists’ outside court house! Part Two…

A 16 year old English girl walked into a pizza outlet in Ramsgate, Kent, and was dragged upstairs and gang raped by four Muslims

TD Bank Could Get $2.8 Million Tax Break From BC Government

by Spencer Fernando Spencer Fernando.com Sunday May 7, 2017 I recently reported on a BC government program that was secretly providing tax breaks for international corporations, along...

PC Leadership candidate Maxime Bernier on ‘This Week in Money’

Maxime Bernier – Conservative Party of Canada Leadership Candidate Talks about his Economic Vision for Canada, Privatization, Lower Taxes, and Free Trade both Internationally and Provincially

Ammon Bundy tortured in Nevada the last 24 hours!

Ammon was taken from the shower by 6 swat members, striped him and threw him into solitary again after he just got out at 40 days