“Liberal government promoting a ‘culture of death’ with medical assistance in dying law”, says a Conservative MP.

by Brad Salzberg


October 26, 2023

“Last year 4.1% of all deaths in Canada were due to MAiD (medical assistance in dying), according to the country’s health ministry. This amounts to a total of 13,241 people who died under Canada’s MAiD programme in 2022, marking a 31% rise on the previous year.”

All signs indicate that Canada, a country of 40 million citizens, maintains the most permissive assisted dying programs in the world. While a certain degree of criticism has emanated, media have failed to address a critical question:

Why Canada? What is it about our nation which justifies this “lofty” position? Let us consider relevant statistics which set the stage for analysis:

“Canada has ranked number one overall according to the 2021 “Best Countries in the World” US News report. Canada also earned the top spot in ‘Quality of Life’ and ‘Social Purpose.’”

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