(image: Tucker and Orban)

The Achille’s heel of narrative control

by Bruce O’Hara


October 5, 2023

Some will find ominous the Canadian Government’s new requirement that podcasters be registered. Others are alarmed that Russell Brand is being attacked with decades-old sexual allegations in exactly the same way that Julian Assange was. Still others are made nervous by ongoing American, British and European Government hysteria over ‘misinformation.’ I would argue that all three of these events simply demonstrate the frantic desperation of those in power. They know their efforts to control what people think are failing.

During the pandemic, the world’s tin-pot dictators had it made. They had us isolated. They controlled social media and search engines. Much of the population were so terrified they had reverted to a childlike state of wanting fervently to believe that Governments knew what they were doing. (Daddy will protect me!)

Now, not so much.

Majorities in both America and Europe want to stop sending money to Ukraine.

Uptake of the new COVID vaccines is pitiful. It’s pretty clear that any renewed attempts at mask mandates or lockdowns would meet with massive and widespread opposition.

The majority of Canadians want Justin Trudeau to resign. A majority of Americans think Joe Biden is too old and too corrupt to run for President again.

Joe Biden can spin whatever fantasies he likes about Bidenomics – Americans aren’t buying it.

Those in power have not lost their hold over a servile press corps. The CBC is still under the thumb of the Trudeau Government. The Democrat press in the US still twists itself into knots pretending that millions of dollars from unfriendly Governments going to Biden family members is not corruption.

What Governments cannot control is the truths that leak out through numerous back channels.

Almost everyone has someone in their family or their friendship circle who holds views contrary to the official narrative – and refuses to keep quiet

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