“It’s not uncommon in nasty sewers like X (formerly Twitter) to find convoy supporters mocking Ottawa residents who were traumatized by the occupation.”

by Brad Salzberg


September 9, 2023

‘Ottawa Citizen, Sept.8th, 2023: Ottawa Convoy Trial Will Be Long And Slow — And That’s A Good Thing’

Frankly, so was the crucifixion on Calvary, but that was another time and place. No, CAP have not converted to evangelical Christianity. We will admit, however, that the allegorical element of the stigmata has crossed our mind regarding a current trial taking place in Canada.

“Remember that destroying public confidence in our shared institutions of justice and governance is exactly what these yahoos want to accomplish.”

Note to Self: those who push-back against the will of government are, ahem– “yahoos.” A biased pile of drivel this is, as conjured up by PM Justin Trudeau’s paid-off woke media configuration.

In 2023, ours is an “inverted” society. Those who work to advance the ambitions of China-– for example Liberal Environment Minister MP Steven Guilbeault— are lauded within pages of the press.

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