by Mike Campbell

December 28, 2022

Trudeau took 84 days off in 2022

For 154 days of the year (42%), Trudeau’s itinerary shows:

+ 84 personal days off
+ 20 days strictly marked as “private meetings”
+ 50 days with only one brief working item

The 84 personal days were either spent vacationing or relaxing at home on weekends, with Sundays being his most popular day off.

In April, Trudeau took off 5 days for a trip to Whistler, BC.

In August, he went to Costa Rica for 14 days. (Albeit, the following 3 days were marked as strictly “private meetings,” which some suggest is code for “nothing.”)

If any other Canadian or any other executive worked less than 2 hours a day for almost half the year, they’d either be fired or an embarrassment — if not both.

But not our ever-faithful Prime Minister! He can take as much time off as he needs!

Keep fighting for what is right,
Mike Campbell
The Counter Signal

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