Honeymoon is over Alberta. She is what we said she is!



  1. This has to be on of the most offensive and vile videos you have ever presented on this website. No wonder the obviously overweight Union card carrying Liberal/NDP member doesn’t want to identify himself (it, him, his). In addition to his lack of civility, failure to even understand what he is trying to be upset about and he is obviously to lazy to even shave the stubble off his face,

    Shame on you, Easton Spectator. You can, and in fact, have done better.

  2. There you go. “Fake News” is certainly a very good moniker for you. At least I identify my self with my proper and don’t hide behind some pretend identity.

    I am not sure how you get to a rationale idea to even think that you are justified to insinuate that I am somehow “for carbon taxes”. Not sure how you arrive at that conclusion, but it is definitely a stupid and wrong one.

    Further, Mark Friesen is simply a self described “activist” (wannabe freedom fighter) narcissistic person seeking attention (much like our current Prime Minister) but in reality is nothing more than a pretend politician (PPC Party candidate). We all know how reliable people in that category are when it comes to speaking truthfully about various issues.

  3. You are against carbon taxes – good.
    I’m guessing you support the Conservatives and Pierre Pollievre?

    If you don’t think Mark is telling the truth, what is the truth?

  4. I am a solid Canadian citizen and I totally support the “Rights and Freedom” of every citizen. I am totally against the tyrannical dictatorship policies of our current Liberal/NDP Federal Government currently led by our little “bastard” Prime Minister, (and he is in fact a “bastard” in the true sense of the word) and the various Provincial Governments such as what exists in the Province of B.C.

    Here is the URL for the actual recent news story that appeared in the Financial Post that I would suspect has angered Mark Friesen You will have to copy and paste it to an internet search engine website:


    As you will read, Alberta is going to give assistance to the large carbon emitters in Alberta who are required to comply with the Federal Government’s already imposed “Carbon Tax” fees because the Courts have already ruled that they have to comply with the Federal government’s current fees.

    However, Alberta is then going to allow those same large carbon emitters who are already developing and instituting their own “carbon capture” policies and processes to claim a rebate fee from the Alberta Provincial government to offset those already imposed Federal Government fees. Alberta is currently the ONLY Provincial Government that is going to do that. Although, the Saskatchewan Provincial Government is considering their own legislation to implement a similar rebate program.

    That is the “problem” with self described “activists” like Mark Friesen. They don’t really understand what it is they are complaining about before mouthing off, or even knowing who is actually causing the “problem”. In this particular issue of applying a totally unnecessary “Carbon Tax” to Canadian businesses and Canadian citizens, it is the Federal Canadian government led by our world famous Prime Minister, “Skippy the screwup” that is the “problem”. The sooner he is “removed”, the better for everyone in Canada.

  5. We agree except for your attack on Mark.
    Mark is and has been focused on SDG’s (Sustainability Development Goals).
    So far, Danielle Smith is not denouncing SDG’s.
    This is the UN Globalist Agenda.
    Mark is critical, and rightly so, of Pierre Pollievre and the CPC ignoring the SDG’s.
    Why are PP and the CPC ignoring SDG’s?

  6. So, we’ve progressed from Frisen’s wrongful attack on the Alberta Provincial UCP’s position with regard to unacceptable Carbon Taxes that were arbitrarily imposed by the Federal Liberal Government, to Friesen’s purported concern about the United Nations (read WEF) intentions to impose some kind of “Sustainability Development Goals” (SDGs) on Canadians.

    For a midget minded self described Saskatchewan “activist”, the issue of SDG’s seems to be a little above his pay grade. Perhaps his good friend Jeremy MacKenzie (you remember,the guy who voiced his ideas about sexually assaulting Mr. Pollievre’s wife) might know a little more about SDGs, although I doubt it.

    As to his assumed position that the Alberta Premier, Danielle Smith and/or Mr. Pollievre and the CPC’s are ignoring the issues regarding these U.N. designed SGD’s seems to be simply another over reach by him, or whomever is advising him. It may be that Ms. Smith and/or Mr. Pollievre and their respective advisers are smart enough to realize that given the current arrangement of parliamentary “control” by the Liberals and NDP, there is nothing that the UCP and/or the CPC can do at the moment.

    We all know that the vast majority of the voters in Canada have a limited attention span with regard to any particular issue, so why would the UCP and/or the CPC waste their time and efforts addressing something that will be forgotten by the voters in a few days. Further, the issue of SDGs is an issue being promoted by the U.N., in concert with the WEF and our current Prime Minster. At the moment, these SDG ideas have no legitimate application by law upon anyone, let alone Canadians.

    I would suspect the UCP Premier, Danielle Smith and/or Mr. Pollievre and the CPC members are taking notes, checking and confirming facts about various lies and actions involving the Liberals/NDP and waiting until a fixed election date is known, then they will start to point out the screw-ups and b.s. being foisted upon us by our current Federal Government. In that manner, the issues will be current in the minds of the voters when they get off their butts and actually vote.

    However, I am certainly not privy to any potential election tactics or dissemination of information being considered by Premier Danielle Smith, or Mr. Pollievre or the CPC. So, if you and/or Friesen have concerns about what Danielle Smith and/or Mr. Pollievre and the CPC are doing in that regard, you will have to ask them. However, I would suspect you shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t tell you.

  7. Mark is right, Danielle and PP need to be talking about SDG’s each and everyday to wake people up to what is being pushed on them.
    Hope Danielle will speak out after she is re-elected.
    PP unfortunately has ties to the WEF along with his campaign manager and other CPCers.
    (Read that last line again)

  8. Oh, okay, whoever you are hiding behind the moniker of “Fake News” and afraid to come out into the sunlight. Unfortunately, you are the classic example of what has gone wrong with our country in the last decade because of the anonymous “experts” like you who purportedly know all the answers but have nothing to offer but criticism and no reasonable solutions. I suspect that is why Smith and Pollievre are the elected political leaders, and you’re not.

    As to your last line comment, you might want to read a book titled “The Art of War” and think about the phrase suggested by the famous Chinese General Sun Tau. He suggested that it was a good idea to “keep your friends close and your enemy even closer.” Hint: that is how you get to know what your enemy is up to.

    Further, if you are so damned smart how come you don’t know that the WEF organization has already established offices of their organization in every major city in Canada, and you don’t even know who those people are. Do your homework before you start mouthing off about what people should, or shouldn’t, do, according to you.

    • Sounds like you want to attack the messenger instead of the message. Stick to the message.
      Don’t recognize your name, whether it’s real or not, don’t care.

      What does your response have to do with SDG’s?
      What does “Art of War” have to do with PP and the WEF?

      “Do your homework before you start mouthing off about what people should, or shouldn’t, do, according to you.”
      Homework on what…..CPCers with ties to the WEF, along with Liberals and NDP?

  9. From Twitter:

    Bushels Per Acre
    All Pierre Poilievre has to do is say we need to stop the vaccines immediately and investigate everything.
    Until that happens no Canadian should care about who runs this country.

    But he won’t & don’t get mad at me for saying it, get mad at him for not doing it.