by Keean Bexte

December 22, 2022

Trudeau was well aware of Chinese election interference and did nothing to stop it
Four months after China waded into Canada’s 2019 general election, the federal government was warned that election interfere “likely to be more persistent and pervasive in future elections.”

An unredacted 2020 national security document alleges thnce was at Beijing utilized community groups to conceal funds moving between Chinese officials and Canadian members of a 2019 election interference group.

“Community leaders facilitate the clandestine transfer of funds and recruit potential targets,” the Privy Council said.

The document also says China sought to target politicians’ staff, seeking advice for the Chinese consulate on relevant issues.

China’s Toronto consulate also funded CCP agents who worked as Canadian campaign staffers.

Trudeau has been dodging questions about this in the House of Commons for weeks now, and we now find out that he has known about this the entire time and chose to cover it up.

The list of candidates that were influenced by the CCP MUST be made public, and there MUST be consequences for this absolutely massive breach of our public trust and national security by a foreign power. Trudeau’s government is thoroughly compromised.

Keep fighting for what is right,
Keean Bexte
The Counter Signal

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