Animus toward Anglophones and other citizens of European heritage is today a standard of Liberal government policy.

by Brad Salzberg

December 17, 2022

“The University of Calgary posted a job opening for a professor at its Haskayne School of Business. However, the position is only open to “qualified Black scholars.” 

Canada’s centres of “higher learning” refer to this as “racial equity.” Cultural Action Party refer to it as racism against Caucasian Canadians.

Degree of expected fall-out? Absolutely nothing. Don’t you know? Contemporary Canada is systemically prejudiced against Anglophone citizens. All of it perfectly acceptable— the targets are Caucasians.

Imagine the scenario: an advertisement for an English Professor at a Canadian university reads like this:

This position is open to “qualified White scholars.” Upon which all hell breaks loose. Witness as a plethora of outraged professors of colour slam Canada as bigoted, racist, and xenophobic.

See the double-standard at play? Hands up those who believe that Canada’s federal government– or provincial/municipal–  stand in opposition to Haskayne School Of Business’ racism against white Canadians.

Blink, and you missed it:

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  1. So the black person who gets said job will know that he/she ONLY got it because of a rights abusing quota. YEAH! to the guy/gal who gets that job. YOU ARE JUST A DARK SKINNED TODY FOR THE REAL RACISTS IN OUR LAND! Congrats, you got the job NOT due to qualifications, but due to your skin colour, Your name may as well be Kunta Kinte.