“While 10,000 Old Stock citizens expire from Euthanasia annually, Trudeau imports 17,000 elderly migrants per year from the 3rd World.

by Brad Salzberg


December 14, 2022

“I am very excited to invite my parents to Canada. I will be emotionally benefited from their presence,” says Surrey, B.C. resident Amritpal Singh in an interview conducted in Punjabi.

Raghbir Singh Bharowal, an immigration consultant based in Surrey, says the super visa plays a vital role in the reunification of families. 

Yes, the Liberal government of Canada are very interested in bringing families together. That is, if they are potential 3rd World immigrants. For those qualifying as Canadian-born, the opposite is the case.

Is it not true that the age of Covid has brought family disunity to the average Canadian household? Stringent pandemic-related government measures have resulted in family fragmentation within our society.

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  1. Oh, this is a beaut! We have mental psycho Trudeau killing off our people, replacing them with old immigrants, get them shot up with jabs so they can die, replace them with more old immigrants, rinse and repeat. All for the sake of increasing the kickbacks. Perhaps this is part of why we’re using slave labour to forcefully construct facilities to make more of this poison?

  2. Turdeau and all libtard families need to be deported to third world, shit-hole cuntires and see how they like living there!