by Rebel News

December 14, 2022

The assault and robbery were awful. But something else was appalling, too: other journalists from the mainstream media just stood there, doing nothing.

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  1. Of course they stood there and did nothing. Possible reasons why:
    – Their training removes empathy from their conscious. It’s why they can never answer any questions themselves and simply run away (Right, Laura Lynn? Right, Candice?). It’s why people can be assaulted right next to them and they can stand there and behave like nodding donkeys, incapable of doing anything that exceeds what their paycheque tells them to do.
    – They have the easy access money needed to hire the goons that did this. Why would you want to interfere with an inside job?

    What I found more offensive were the number of ‘blame the victim’ comments that were being posted about this, as if the reporter did this to herself. No, she was inconvenient and she had to be ‘put in her place’ as a reminder of who is allowed to ‘tell the official story’.