December 5, 2022

More than 7,000 sex offenders were convicted of ‘lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years of age’ but were let out of prison the same year they were incarcerated, according to data from the California Megan’s Law database that allows anyone to search for sex offenders, with details including name, age, residence, offenses, their mugshot, and the dates they were last convicted and released from prison. DailyMail compared the published dates of 41,794 pedophiles’ convictions versus the year they were released from prison according to the Megan’s Law database. The results showed that the average pedophile served two years and 10 months in prison. According the US Justice Department, sex offenders are at least four times more likely than other criminals to be rearrested for a sex crime. A lawyer who represents victims of sexual abuse points to policies backed by California Governor Gavin Newsom allowing for shortening of sentences to reduce the prison population. After the media outlet contacted the CA DoJ asking about the shocking statistics, the search function was removed from the Megan’s Law website, which is administered by the department.

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  1. The western world including Canada has slipped into a world that mirrors the Caananites of the day. A world where decency is vilified, where traditional male/female roles including marriage is chastised, a world where open and known to be abusive to mind and body drugs are near celebrated, a world where lies are spun as truths and the truth is said to be a lie, a world where every sexual degeneracy is championed as freedom and as such we are seeing the growing acceptance of pedophilia.

    Satan exists folks, he, his demons and his useful idiot humans push every lie and deceitful measure that he wants as if its truth and as personal liberty, while he and his do all they can to draw mankind further away from God and the real truth.

    Ever wonder why with all this so called social liberty we have seen over the last 50-60 years HAS NOT made people happier or society better?

    Pushing women to act against their natural God given nature has not brought happiness to women. Survey after survey shows women today as less happy and more depressed than the women of 50-60-70+ years ago, during those OH NO, PATRIARCHY! days. Sexual ‘freedom’ brought to you all by the pill and by abortion has not made your sexual lives better and more loving. You all just made it easier for immoral men to GET IT ON WITH YOU ALL! You all take more prescription meds for mental health than your mothers and grand mothers ever did, you all drink more and as such talk with a dirty mouth as if you were all salty sailors at sea for 6 months or more. You do more other illicit drugs too. Oooh and to get back at men many of you all practise lesbian lust and sex. IT’S NOT LOVE! IT’S LUST!

    Guys, what has liberalism brought to us all? Oh sure the pill, abortion and weaker morals of women brought us easier to get into bed hookup culture / sex with women, but left and leave many of us dudes empty of love and what God meant MAN and WOMAN to be. Dudes also compensate with booze, drugs and pornography. If we get married and have kids the perversion of marital laws are 100% abusive to the fathers if the marriage breaks down, ALMOST ALWAYS INSTITUTED BY THE WOMEN who have little to lose in divorce, the dad/husband pays even if he was the real victim of a failed marriage.

    So now decades into this Satan led leftist/liberal culture men can play the Tinder game of hookup to get their nuts off playing with the most immoral and sluttiest of women in modern society. That and or just jerk off to ONLINE PORN! Or hey why not join the RAINBOW and screw other guys up the fudge factory or get their own knobs polished by some nameless dude at a Adult club, a glory hole or on Grinder. After all one needs not have a woman’s lips suck one’s dick, another horny guy’s lips will do too. The governments and society now do not just push tolerance of these alt. alphabet community lifestyle choices but now push it near 24/7/365 as first being normal like what is normal heterosexual sex, but more so bend the knee acceptable and we must affirm it all as so.

    Children, what has decades of leftist ideology and Satanic led at that brought to the kids? Failing public education, being shipped off to daycare with strangers and now seeming more perverted liberal ones at that by age 2 so that mom can stick it to the man (LOL) championing her individualism as another wage slave. Kids don’t get that same bond with mommy as such because in her demented mind HER EFFING CAREER/JOB MATTERS MORE! These kids see mom and dad often as disillusioned in life and relationship especially if both do not have faith in God to help guide them and are of a liberal sheep like mindset. The kids suffer as such.

    This leads to the most vile of non homicidal sins, child pornography and child pedophilia. Oh and to throw more gas on the fire, the bullshit of child transgenderism. Why do adult male drag queens (Btw drag is a satirical attack on women by effeminate homosexual men) so want to be around children? Why do they and now even via culture and government push with all the weak minded, weak willed support of liberal women this transgenderism and near forced affirmation of such onto kids? Because if these degenerates can con society to believe that kids on their own agree to life altering changes to their bodies, mind and gender, then we must accept these kids choosing to live in homosexuality and worse sexual relations with adults.

    GOD IS WATCHING! If we do not stop this crap ASAP, he will let us fall or may choose others in the world to stop us and this will be bad for all of us. Just think about the Caananites and also Sodom and Gomorra.