In Kitsilano Vancouver children as young as 3 years old are being robbed of their innocence by overly sexualized male drag queens who perform for children by reading and dancing.

According to Section 163.1 of the Criminal Code, it is an indictable offence liable to imprisonment, to exploit or expose minors to any form of pornography or sexually explicit material or activities.

In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth covers the “Story Telling With Drag Queens” event where young kids are being openly sexualized and where pedophilia is being normalized! This needs to stop!

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  1. 10 years ago the VPD would have raided such as thing and charged these deviants with crimes. Today I bet the VPD would stop or arrest anyone who wants to prevent this degeneracy of youth happening in the first place.

    Ask yourselves folks not this question of why would people want kids to witness this ‘adult orientated’ behaviour, but ask yourself why would these adult drag queens want to be around minor age children?

    DRAG IS NOTHING NEW! But it was always in adult/gay orientated venues. KEEP IT THERE!

  2. God’s rainbow has 7 distinct colours. The homosexual rainbow flag has only 6, why? Because it’s a symbol of Satan and his deceitful ways.

  3. Numerous Christians today state they don’t get involved in social issues and politics. They don’t want to rock the boat so to speak. But I state to you all, that if Christians ably stand by and do little or nothing to better affect our nation’s future then OTHERS WILL!

    Right now to each and every Christian who chooses to not be involved with politics and by extension many social ideals you need to understand others who are not of your faith, or of our long held traditional Canadian values (other peer nations are much the same) whom maybe backwards or antithetical in beliefs/religion, non religious to outright Marxist ARE INVOLVED IN POLITICS AND SOCIAL STRUCTURES!

    They are likely undermining our Christian and traditional values, the values that built this once great nation (again same goes with many of Canada’s western peers) and you all just sit on your hands, playing Hogan’s Heroes, Sgt. Shultz, “I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing.”

    It’s not against God to want to take up political, moral and social cause in our nation/nations. If Christians just sit on the side lines others will change and likely in a negative way our once strong western nations values and ways. They will encroach on Christian faith and likely make persecution of being Christian their cause.

    TOLERANCE did not and does not mean abdication of our traditional and Christian based values here in Canada and any other like minded peer nations.

  4. Les most Christians are gutless whimps. At least the Islamic crowd demonstrated against this in England.
    Skittle people are perverts, who are deviant child molesters all part of the globalist agenda.

  5. We do not have a government we have a WEF, globalist government. Trudeau’s diversity, inclusion, bullshit is
    nothing but lies to implement their perverted society aimed at normalizing sex with kids.

  6. Drag Queen Story Time using soft language to normalize this. It is like someone saying I smoke socially…duh u still smoke! Same thing saying Storytime to deflect the fact these kids are subjected to their perverted pawing.

  7. This is really sick to know that parents allow their children to witness these evil criminals doing such evil crimes, but what can we expect with Justin Trudeau running our country, because all he did before was be a drama teacher and it’s plain to see that he has made this happen cause he’s nothing only a drama queen himself. It’s also evil how the cops are allowing it to happen and at the Ottawa protest for our freedom all they did was beat and trampled people with their horses but once again everything that is happening here in Canada that is evil is just what Trudeau wants, and he is loving it and until he’s took out it’s not going to be any better. I cannot believe such evil is happening right here in our country, it’s time we do something about it, whatever that might be.

  8. Today in our growingly falling away from God and our Lord Jesus Christ society and its embrace of anything immoral and degenerate we see Child Protection Services attempting to or actually take minor age kids away from parents who KNOW BETTER and do not allow minor age kids to permanently change their bodies to change to the other sex, all the while cops sit by and watch as sick parents (cough cough mostly degenerate mothers) drag their kids to adult male drag queen events, with them doing immoral and degenerate acts in front of the kids. 🙁

    Drag shows are FOR ADULT VENUES ONLY!

    As much as I at time wish I could still be a youth (teenager or younger) I thank God I grew up as a child
    with wonderful and normal parents, siblings and friends of the 70’s and a teen /adult of the 80’s.

    I as a normal kid in Canada in the 1970’s did not know nor really cared about sexual things and such until one day about age 12 when looking for some of my older brother’s hockey magazines I stumbled across his small stash of Penthouse and Playboy magazines. Of course being a curious 12 y.o. I had to flip through them and it was well interesting but still odd for my 12 y.o. mind and such to process. 🙂

  9. Sonny Bono,

    I do agree that many but not all Christians in most western nations are soft on standing true to their faith. They are violating Gods Commandments and seem to just want affirmation by not rocking the boat from the Alphabet community and other backwards peoples/groups.

    I noted in another post on this site that many Christians seem to not want to be politically involved or socially involved in daily life. THIS IS WRONG! I state again to any and all Christians and even other conservative minded supporters of traditional Canadian /Western world values. If you do not speak up and stand up for your/our values OTHERS WILL and ARE who are not of our Christian faith / western values. They are backwards of faith/ideologies including now degenerate liberalism, Marxist-Communism, Satanism or similar, or other nonwestern world screwed up ideologies.