“Canadian clothes retailer Simons is actually using suicide to market their products.” — U.S. commentator Ian Miles Cheong.

“All is Beauty,” a film  released last month by Canadian clothing retailer Simons, features a profile of the final weeks of 37-year-old B.C. woman Jennyfer Hatch.

“Last breaths are sacred … when I imagine my final days I see music, I see the ocean.” 

CAP agree– last breaths are sacred. While we’re at it, so is life itself. Apparently, the Liberal government of Canada disagree. Conversely, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has carved out his place in history as the father of “commercial” assisted suicide in Canada.

Death For Sale?

Turns out that Canadian retailers are getting in on the action— ever since Mr. Trudeau decided that the lives of our citizenship aren’t sacred, but expendable. Including those who are not elderly. In 2022, Canadians can off themselves based on a plethora of rationalizations.

First came physical illness with patient approval. Then, the patient approval element was removed. Next came a reduction in age qualification to 18-years. Coming up in March 2023, mental illness including depression will qualify a Canadian for Euthanasia.

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  1. What has to happen for the masses to realize what Canada (and many of her peers) has become or is going? How big of a figurative hammer does it take to knock sense back into the Canadian publics mind?

    Study the perils of the Canaanites and also the story of Sodom and Gomorrah to see where a society goes when it abandons God’s values.


    Canada among her peers is entering or into a dark set of times and lost morals. Euthanasia as being set up by the most corrupted Federal government in Canadian history is a dark and scary issue. The push to draw children into LGBT stuff and early sexualization including the push of medical and surgical transgender procedures into minors is a dark and scary issue. The near mindless enabling of what were/are illicit drugs onto often vulnerable people is a scary and dark issue. The turning into gods big pharma by pushing often unproven and even dangerous pharmaceuticals onto often unknowing and vulnerable people is a dark and scary issue. The list of other serious issues that lead to the abandonment of what once were core and strong fabric ideals of Canadian history and similar such in her peer nations is very disconcerting.

    God has shown in our past what he does when society fails at living to his prescribed values and ways and IT’S ALWAYS BAD FOR THOSE SOCIETIES!

    We must put as stop to this erosion what is right, moral and good. We must rebuild our once more solid values (imperfect as they were as we are not God but only mankind and mankind fails) that built not just Canada but a ONLY GREAT SOCIETY WE HAVE SEEN AND RECORDED, THAT IS THE WESTERN WORLD AND A CHRISTIAN BASED VALUES WORLD! Failing to do this will lead us to ruins.

    What will it take for YOU to make a step to stopping the degeneracy and immorality of what we see in Canada and other peers today?

    As a final point, offering some easing of life’s pains care including agreeable and soft ending of life for those people who are so critically ill or near death due to horrific accidents/incidents or illness is one thing. USING A CORRUPTED GOVERNMENT/MEDICAL COMMUNITY BUREAUCRACY TO PUSH THIS ONTO VULNERABLE PEOPLE WHO SUFFER SOME MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES RATHER THAN TRYING TO AID THEM IN GETTING OVER OR DEALING WITH THESE MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IS A IMMORALITY OF GRAVE CONCERN! WOE TO CANADA, WOE TO CANADA!

  2. Too many idiots in this country still running around with their paper masks on who cannot see what is happening! TURDO is following the Nazi, Communist script, he has his head so far up the CCP asses he makes me sick!

  3. In 2023 PTSD – with no other medical issues – will qualify for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) here in Canada.

    Seriously. Almost everybody goes through PTSD at some point in their life. Very common among veterans and civilians alike.

    This is Canada – under the Turdeau Regime – ushering in the WEF / NWO agenda.

    I will pass thank you. When I am troubled I pray and ask Jesus to carry the burden for me. Works every time.

  4. Dr_Goldstein.

    I will add this, in that getting mental health help from a professional who is not of faith and will not use Jesus and the Bible in affecting mental health care will almost always result in failure to help the patient.

    For decades now we have be manipulated and lied to in trying to turn our once faithful society away from God in that without faith, Jesus Christ and the Bible in a proper setting and possibly with a trusted professional the best tools to help anyone deal with mental healthcare and trauma issues