Canadian intelligence officials warned Justin Trudeau that China “has targeted Canada with a vast campaign of foreign interference.”

by Brad Salzberg


November 10, 2022

“In Canada, the Chinese Communist Party focuses on working within the system to corrupt it, compromising officials, elected officials and individuals at all levels of government.”

So states China-focused Canadian journalist Terry Glavin. After coddling the communist nation for more than 50-years, the Liberal Party of Canada appear to be on the cusp of a change in foreign policy.

Canadians would do well to eschew the idea that our Liberal Government will pull a major about-face on relations with China. All that matters to them are the optics. How it appears, and most of all, how they can scramble out of their latest political scandal.

From what CAP ascertain, the true motive for the Liberal’s superficial transition comes in the form of pressure from the United States government. Unlikely it is that if external pressure didn’t arrive, little if anything would change.

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