WTF? You then say ok, let us repent. Go ahead, make nice with your God for there will be pain in afterlife for what you did & partook in, your actions KILLED business owners, children; no forgiveness!

Dr. Paul Alexander

November 10, 2022

We will give you no quarter.

I/we did not consent. I/we haven’t forgotten. I/we do not forgive. Nor will we. We seek justice. And what did you say? Dr. Alexander seeks vengeance? Hell yes! Call it what you want! Yes, I seek punishment and in this I like Trump and his vengeance. Yes, as we would say in the islands ‘we love we a likkle vengenace’…the spelling is local slang.

You bitches, your lockdown lunatics in US, UK, Canadian governments etc., you beasts killed innocent people. Adults hung themselves in US. The media covered it all up. We had the actual data day to day! Little children hung themselves in the US, due to lockdowns. 8 years old, 12 years old, self-harmed, they could not hold on! We had the data day to day. CDC and NIH and Fauci knew what we had, we gave it to them at HHS. They laughed!

We had the data. Hung themselves. You thus must pay in some way allowable by law. You must pay!

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  1. DR. PAUL ALEXANDER! YOU’RE THE MAN!!! 😀 😀 😀 You just said what a lot of us have been feeling all this time. All the absurdity and ridiculousness that has been going on, you summed it up very well, sir. I have total respect for you.

    One thing to keep in mind this amnesty garbage: The establishment is floating this because the narrative is losing and it’s losing bad. This action says a lot. If it was winning, the boot would continue to be on our throats. This is same war policy the US and their handlers trying to shove at anyone when they are losing at a front; they scream arms control treaties when they are 30 years in R&D behind their perceived enemies, for instance.

    The only thing I disagree with regarding covid-19 is I think it’s merely influenza that’s been given makeup and a pretty pink dress to sell it as an agenda, since we are three years in and have yet to see anything that resembles a real live viral sample. Remember what Dr. David Martin said: The jab was designed to force the body to produce antibodies by flooding it with a computer simulation of what the virus might be. Let that sink in: ‘Might be’. If you had a sample, wouldn’t that be the basis instead of acting like it was some giant unknown after (at that point) 12+ months of time in the wild? With compounds like fentanyl and sarin gas that are known to cause severe respiratory distress (Remember George Floyd’s famous comment: I can’t breathe? While high as a kite with a lethal dose of fentanyl in his body?) and easy access to those compounds by governments, they can easily fake the conditions in the hospitals to sell this as more deadly than it really was. We have been fed nothing but utter rubbish the entire time.