Mainstream media hide the socialist continuum driven by Pierre & Justin Trudeau.

by Brad Salzberg


May 23, 2022

Strange it is how gut feelings can develop in a person which over time prove to be accurate. In this regard, we reference the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau.

Much of our PM’s success in transforming Canada away from its historical governance is found in media facilitation of PM Trudeau’s agenda. What does the program entail?

Justin Trudeau became national leader for the purpose of fulfilling a mission set before him by international forces such as the World Economic Foundation and World Health Organization.

Mr. Trudeau’s job is to facilitate an incremental transition of Canada from a western democracy to a socialist-nation state. The primary method to accomplish this is through mass immigration. The more 3rd World immigrants that enter Canada, the greater a reinforcement of long-term Liberal Party political power.

An integral component of the mission is media control. Hence, CBC, CTV and Globe & Mail’s omission of Trudeau’s agenda of assault upon 154 years of Canadian identity, culture and heritage. The goal of immigration policy is such that over time, the 3rd World immigrant voter block will transition all Conservative Party federal ridings into the hands of Liberals.

The purpose is to facilitate a political environment where one day it makes no sense to continue as a true democracy. Do tell, fellow patriots– if you were one of the few supporters of an opposition party in the year 2038, how much money would you donate when 95% of federal ridings are controlled by the Liberals?

End Game: Democracy becomes futile. The Liberals control government in perpetuity. Canada transitions to a one-party state. This is the long-term agenda of Justin Trudeau and his international money men backers.

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  1. Don’t forget the flat-out admission that was said following the first major bribe that went in time for their 2nd rigged election.

    “It’s clear that they let us off the hook for a very good reason. Because we pay them $600 million. You don’t get stellar headlines like these without greasing the wheels a bit.”

    Of course, everyone that took the money got their marching orders to make sure Trudeau was made to look like a saint AND denounce this video was a joke… This was no joke. It tells you the level of arrogance that exists and why this needs to stop, one way or another.

    This article isn’t so bad for pointing out some curious stats. about the CBC and their desperate needs for subsidies:

  2. I stopped watching the Jays with their endorsement of PRIDE month day whatever but Trudeau puts fences around the War Memorial in Ottawa. Big emphasize on the LGBTQ filth.