by Jonathan Bradley

May 11, 2022

Ontario RCMP constable Yahsif Israel Mane Monter is facing charges for his alleged involvement in human trafficking and other criminal offences after an investigation by the York Regional Police (YRP) into forced labour.

“These allegations are serious and difficult to comprehend,” said the RCMP in a Tuesday press release.

“As a police service, we work diligently to investigate instances of human trafficking and bring the offenders to justice, and we share this commitment with our law enforcement partners.”

The press release said Mane Monter is a member of the RCMP’s Toronto North Transnational Organized Crime unit. Mane Monter was once highlighted by Canadian diplomats as being a Mexican in the RCMP.

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  1. Oh, come on. Does anyone actually think this offensive expletive is actually going to see any accountability for his actions? He has a free-pass name, working in a free-pass system that is bought and paid for by a free-pass establishment. This is going to get quietly buried and we’ll never hear another peep of this again, like anytime anything inconvenient is ever reported on. Remember that supposed ‘hit and run’ that happened in London, Ontario that was used to setup a supposed hate crime? Only to find out it’s highly likely the vehicle was remote-hijacked and deliberately controlled to steer right into such a family? Look how FAST THAT DISAPPEARED once the other side of the information started coming out (but it made for great headlines when they were using it to push their usual mentally ill, wokester agendas).

    Friendly reminder: Your government will kill you if you are a useful tool to sell their agenda or if you are merely inconvenient.