Local mayors don’t want to let go of pandemic policy – so Jason Kenney is forcing them to.

by Keean Bexte


March 1, 2022

Unfortunately, many radical lockdown mayors in Ontario like John Tory are hell-bent on keeping pandemic policy around for the long haul.

They hate to see us returning to normal. For them and their WEF palls, “normal” is not allowed. They have gained too much power and don’t want to let it go.

Lucky for Albertans, Kenney is facing a leadership review in a few short weeks – so he is finally coming around to stand up for the people that elected him. Will that be enough to keep him in a job? We will have to see.

Today, he announced that his government is introducing legislation to stop municipalities from contradicting provincial health policy. This is mainly targetting Edmonton’s mayor Sohi – an ex-Trudeau minister that is doing everything in his power to keep the city in pandemic panic.

People are sick and tired of pandemic policy – stopping overzealous mayors from overstepping is a good call.

Keep fighting for what is right,

Keean Bexte

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  1. Possibly too late to save his skin. Flips and flops on issues and stays inconsistent. Uses RCMP narrative regarding Coutts “alleged police assaults” instead of finding out the truth before spewing nonsense.

    Not good enough.