And he said one of the side effects of the vaccine could actually cost pilots their job.

by Dave Naylor

September 14, 2021

The labour group representing 2,200 WestJet pilots is urging them not to tell the company whether or not they are vaccinated against COVID-19.

The move comes after the Calgary-based airline said they would fire pilots who have not received double jabs.

And the Westjet Master Executive Council blasted the airline for not even consulting with pilots about their COVID-19 procedures.

“WestJet management has indicated pilots must provide an attestation of their vaccination status by September 24, or risk consequences up to and including unpaid leave and eventual termination of employment for those who fail to comply,” said an internal letter to pilots from the MEC, obtained by the Western Standard.

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  1. I would think that people would start getting really concerned with pilots, doctors and nurses getting the jab. With so many adverse reactions, with more happening, what about these pilots doctors nurses and truck drivers have an adverse reaction while flying, looking after a patient. What happens when a plane load of people die because the pilot had the jab. I would also think that WCB would be looking at this also.

  2. Pilots are a pretty tight bunch. They “notice” things because their (and our) lives depend on it. They notice even if not politically or socially correct because of the reasons outlined. If they notice a vxxx problem, you can bet your life that it is real.

    After spending untold dollars on flight schooling, years of flying puddle jumpers and piston commuters just to get to the left seat of a turboprop or jet, their biggest fear is the annual or semi-annual (depending on age) physical. If there is something going that threatens to pull their medical, they will know about it and they will ALL know about it.

    These, Men and Women, not your average doctor, make split life-or-death decisions. Day in and day out. And these Men and Women, who make the commercial airline grade, if they had a desire to be an MD instead of an airline pilot, they would easily have gotten into medical school.

    So yes. When they say something is up. Listen. Listen hard.

  3. Who are you going to get to fly your aircraft then you dumbasses?

    You are not going to fire anybody for your airline would be severely compromised if you do.SO FUCK OFF AND STOP YOUR FEAR MONGERING BULLSHIT!

    Westjet pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, logistics staff DO NOT BACK DOWN, LET THESE CORPORATE ASSHOLES TRY TO FIRE YOU!

  4. Like Les says, make them Fire you. When those that decide to be stupid taking the Jab, start falling life flies, and the Corporates (who you can be certain have not taken it), discover they don’t have any pilots. They are going to come searching you out. Hold your ground, you will have the upper hand. You can start making the demands on them. Better wages, return of lost wages and pensions, better working conditions, etc. The corporates will have to agree or fold. Stockholders will not be happy if they have to fold. This goes for all the high demanding jobs.
    Can you imagine a surgeon having been forced to take the jab, suddenly collapses with a heart attack or stroke in the midst of open heart surgery, and there being nobody available to take over? Not only would the surgeon likely die, but so would the patient, we could only hope that the patient is some stupid Liberal politician.
    Or, a truckdriver speeding down a highway, towards a traffic controlled intersection where coming from another direction is a busload of students or atheletes whatever, much like the Humboldt crash. The truck fails to stop because of a sudden blood clot to the brain. Everyone dies.
    Who’s responsible now? Although the cause was a ‘mandated’ shot that is known to kill and maim. We can only hope that some of those children on board were politician’s children.
    The ones responsible are those that demanded people take an totally unnecessary innoculation. Whoever was in power at that time. Prime Ministers, Presidents, Premiers, Corporate heads, etc.
    Class action law suits would start building up.
    Unfortunately, those with the power are TOO STUPID to care, they will just try to run and hide and forget what they did just to be in control of EVERYONE.
    Not that I will be travelling any time soon, but the airlines, cruiselines, etc, that I wouldn’t even consider travelling with would be those that have not checked into reality, and done the research, but instead followed the stupidity of the politicians.